30 Credit Microcredential

Education4Equity is happy to announce the new 30 Credit Microcredential. For the past decade, teachers have been wondering what courses to take, how many to take, and how does one balance work with taking professional development courses for the sake of raising their salary. We have opened a new department called the “E4E Customer Delight” department whose goal is to help teachers select and finish courses so that they can raise their salary in the most efficient way possible and also show proof of the learning they have acquired. This 30 Credit Microcredential is Education4Equity’s provision to teachers to purchase a nicely packaged set of ten courses that, upon completion, gives the educator a wonderfully designed certificate by which the educator can show administrators their value to their district. Teachers get a full 24 months to finish the courses and the price per course drops from $178 to $109 per course. Buy your 30 Credit Microcredential today by clicking HERE or the button at the bottom of this page.

To understand the benefits of this certificate, please review the FAQ below:

Frequently Asked Questions

In most districts, 30 credits is enough to advance your salary TWICE. This shows you have done the work needed to be a serious educator and have also raised your own salary by a substantial amount.

After finishing this credential, you add about $30,000+ to your total income in the next few years. The return on investment for acquiring this certificate is a substantial bump up in salary with new skill to enable our current youth to become our next generation of critical thinkers and leaders.

What you put on your resume depends on the particular courses you take but our staff is willing and ready to draft a paragraph for you to add to your resume. If you take the default ten courses on the 30 credit product page, you can put the following paragraph on your resume: 

“Acquired the Education4Equity 30 Credit Certificate. Possess knowledge of ELD instruction, emotional intelligence, personalized learning, multi-cultural instruction for closing academic achievement gaps among minorities, creating conducive learning environments through knowledge of how the social brain works, key character habits for college entry, creative writing, the value of music in the classroom.

The good news is that the 30 credit package comes with a 24 month course enrollment period – so you have at least two summers to finish your courses. 

Contact us at help@education4equity.com and we will help you select the rest of your the courses you need to get the credential.

Enroll in the 30 Credit Package and get started on obtaining your microcredential by clicking the button below!