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“This course has had a huge impact on me, starting with this school year: I’m having so much fun teaching, more than I’ve had in years. It’s interesting to discover that applying the many understandings and practices offered in the course meant I’d enjoy my job even more.”

-One of many satisfied teacher’s who have taken Education 4 Equity courses

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Education for Equity’s mission is to promote equal education for every student in the world. Our online professional development classes for teachers are uniquely themed and vetted by top universities to provide educators with 21st century skills that enable students to reach their full potential.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reinstate through what we do, as parents, grandparents, as teachers, as legislators, that old, noble ambition: to excel?”
David McCullough, Painting with Words

Are you looking to earn professional development credits so you can improve your skills as a teacher and increase your annual teaching salary? Education for Equity’s 100% online professional development classes for teachers are designed to teach educators relevant skills that are applicable in the modern classroom and that help them impact the lives of more students. If you don’t know what course to start with, we suggest that you start with the course entitled “Movement for Improvement,” it’s our most popular course because it shows how movement can lower your stress, increase your longevity, and boost a teacher’s critical thinking skills. Scroll up and click on the “Movement for Improvement” course to learn more.