How do professional development courses help to advance your salary?

Certain professions such as Doctors and lawyers take professional development courses because without staying up to date in their field of work, it is possible for them to fall behind in understanding the latest methodologies, skills, policies and procedures that their profession requires.

Research has shown that professional development in the field of teaching has a positive impact on student learning. Different school districts reward their teachers in one of four ways for taking a professional development course.

  1. Salary Advancement
  2. Credential Renewal
  3. Certification or Degree
  4. Personal enrichment to increase one’s opportunity in the teaching profession

Salary Advancement

Salary Advancement is a common reward to individuals who take professional development courses. The two largest school districts in the country – New York City (with 90,000 teachers) and Los Angeles county (with 45,000 teachers) – use this incentive to encourage teachers to take professional development courses. In Los Angeles, teachers who get 14 salary points can go up a “bracket” on their salary table and with careful planning, these teachers can earn up to $400,000 over teachers who do not take professional development courses.

Credential Renewal

In some districts, if you do not take professional development courses, after 5 years, you lose your credential.

Certification or Degree

In some districts, you can obtain certain kinds of certificates. These programs include certificates for: Early Childhood Education, English Language Learning, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), and Special Education.

Personal enrichment for versatility

Some teachers simply want to learn something new or they want to ensure they can teach in any environment and have the tools to deliver quality education.


Why take courses from Education4Equity?

Our Professional development courses have 4 characteristics that set us apart from other professional development companies: 1) Our courses are developed by credentialed teachers that not only come from the top schools in America (Harvard, Purdue, Boston University, UCLA, UC San Diego, and Stanford), but who also have experience teaching in a variety of classroom environments.  2) We have a very simple rule for each of our courses, and that is that each course should make you love the teaching profession more than when you started the course. 3) We understand clearly that teachers have little to no time on their hands so we organize our courses in such a way that develops your own critical thinking skills, builds upon what you already know, and presents a variety of scenarios that help you apply what you have learned – all within a timeframe that is digestible, relevant, and engaging. 4) Lastly, our courses are highly collaborative and you will learn new things both from the course content as well as from other teachers taking the course with you.

So with that, we want to say to all teachers across the country – “We salute you!”

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