On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “HORRIBLE” and 10 being “OUTSTANDING”, how was this last year for you? Just post your reply on this page with 3 things:

  1. Reply with the number (score) you would give this year.
  2. Reply with what grade you teach.
  3. Please add one sentence on why you gave your 2018-2019 academic year the score you gave it. Feel free to be totally honest. We are not asking and will not post your name, your school, or anything other than the grade you teach.
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Teacher Ratings

Rating: 7
Grade: 12th Grade
Comments: I gave the past school year a seven (7) since working virtually as most of us were working parents were being laid off, children became full-time caretakers, food shortages prevalent and support from relatives waned due to the frightening consequences of Covid 19.

Rating: 3
Grade: Kindergarten
Comments: I have completed 7 courses without a hitch. I am know having trouble getting my instructor to grade my work and the course expired waiting for her to grade my last 4 assignments. This is rediculous. I emailed help desk and I have heard nothing. There is no phone number so you can't even call anyone. I am very disappointed at this time. I worked 113 hours on this class and no what? Be ware.

Rating: 3
Grade: 5th
Comments: I wish you folks could give us a break with the deadlines. We have had to take SO many other PD's to help us with getting through this period of distance learning. I hope you may answer. If I purchased another class, a one unit (at this point) would you give me a further extension than just 2 months? I am only 30% done with one class and another 3 point class waiting in the wings. Please write me back. My current teacher has not responded to my email. [email protected]

Rating: 9
Grade: 6-12
Comments: I would like to know why it is taking my instructor so much time to grade my final? I am 1 credit behind reaching the next pay tier. I finished a class the 9th, 20th and recently the 25th. The syllabi says 72 hours. I have reached out to the teacher for the 9th. Please resolve. Unacceptable. This was done in the last two classes I finished as well.

Rating: 9
Grade: 10, 11
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Rating: 5
Grade: This past year I taught 4th grade multiple subjects.
Comments: I gave this academic year a score of a 5 because the administration gave little support for behaviors and the school environment between staff and students was very stressful.

Rating: 9
Grade: I teach 8th grade math.
Comments: I had experiences with students this year that truly changed my life, but I couldn’t give it a ten because that leaves no room for improvement.

Rating: 6
Grade: I teach 4th grade.
Comments: It was a rough year because I was displaced. I was fortunate enough to find a permanent position in the middle of the school year.

Rating: 1
Grade: I teach 1st grade. (20 years teaching)
Comments: I purchase my own supplies but I’m accustomed to that. It was a 1 because I had a nightmare class. Full of behavioral problems and had minimal support from administrators. I was unable to teach my class as I would’ve liked to. I feel like I failed the 10 great kids because of the out of control 15. I also received my first death threat.????. I was a disastrous year ????

Rating: 8
Grade: History and English SDP
Comments: Good year. Brought in SEL practices and movement. Positive student response.

Rating: 8
Grade: High school 9-12
Comments: I had a great year and feel like I have learned so much. I wasn’t as stressed and was able to focus on my career.

Rating: 8
Grade: I teach high school special education.
Comments: This was my first year teaching high school, and I felt that I learned so much, and my kids were really awesome.

Rating: 8
Grade: I teach HS Chemistry (10-12)
Comments: This year was smooth and everything was straightforward. I won’t ever say higher because there’s always room for improvement.