Our Mission

Education for Equity is founded on the belief that every student deserves a fair chance to succeed in school and in life. To do so, each student needs the support of a team, including family members/guardians, teachers, peers, and the community.

Our mission is to close the opportunity and achievement gaps by supporting student learning through programs targeting the following groups:

  • Parents/Guardians (Resources, Education/Training, and Peer Support)
  • Teachers (Resources and Professional Development)
  • Community (Involvement Opportunities)
  • Students (Resources and Peer Support)Our most recent mission is to reinvigorate the passion teachers have to change a life, one child at a time.

About Us

      Education for Equity LLC is a company made up of a diverse, international team, composed of artists, engineers, lawyers, linguists, parents, students, and educators from all around the world. In spite of a range of differences, all team members at Education for Equity share a common belief as well as a common passion. At Education for Equity, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed, but that equal opportunity for all students is far from a reality. Our passion is to provide meaningful and effective support to students who face disproportionate challenges and obstacles, so that, with a team composed of family members, peers, educators, and the community, the very challenges they face could become factors of strength and success.
      If the statements above resonate in your heart, based upon your personal experience and/or in your observation of society, we invite you to join the Education for Equity team, through taking courses, providing written contributions to our blog (coming soon), recommending community services, offering resources for parents, and/or supporting peer tutoring opportunities for all students. Fill out the “Contact Us” form to receive more information, and together, we can transform problems into possibilities, obstacles into opportunities, and barriers into bridges, to provide equity through education, for all students to be equipped to achieve their potential and to excel.
      No one can make it alone to meet the demands of academia, career paths, and even a fulfilling life, but with a strong team, anyone and everyone can succeed. Let’s be that team, for every student.

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