Resources For Teachers

At Education For Equity, we believe that every student deserves a fair chance to succeed, not only in school, but also in life.

A large part of our mission is to support teachers, by providing them with the resources and professional development that they need to enhance their skills and boost their careers.

Toward that end, we offer an array of online professional development courses that can be used to earn continuing education credits and/or salary points with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Our online courses are designed for all types of teachers, Pre-K through 12th grade, including: special education teachers, high school teachers, middle school teachers, elementary school teachers, and early childhood teachers. The professional development courses for teachers are available 100% online and are self-paced (you have six months, or more, to complete them).

Online Professional Development Courses For Teachers
Click here to see the complete list of professional development courses that we offer for teachers – 100% online.

Classroom Management For Teachers
A New School Year: Get Off To A Good Start With Effective Classroom Management
Classroom Management Tips For New Teachers
Smart, Proactive, Positive, Effective Classroom Management
Classroom Management Strategies: Top 10 Tips
Classroom Management Styles
Behavior Management in the Classroom
Culturally Responsive Classroom Management
Professional Development for Classroom Management
Classroom Management with Restorative Justice
Classroom Management For Kindergarten
Classroom Management for Elementary School
Classroom Management for Middle School
Classroom Management for High School

Professional Development Resources  For Teachers
Professional Development For Teachers
Professional Development For New Teachers
Summer Professional Development For Teachers
What Is Professional Development For Teachers
Types Of Professional Development For Teachers
Professional Development Goals For Teachers
Why Professional Development Is Important For Teachers
Benefits Of Professional Development For Teachers
6 Reasons To Invest In Professional Development
Professional Development Plans for Teachers
ROI on Professional Development for Teachers
Professional Development for Teachers: Benefits of Online Courses
Professional Development for Teachers: Is It Worth the Time and Money
Professional Development for Teachers: What Do You Want to Accomplish
Online Professional Development for Teachers: Graduate Credit

Tips and Strategies For Teachers
What Is NGSS
What Is Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI)
Benefits Of STEAM Education
The Benefits Of Formative Assessments In Teaching
How To Incorporate Formative Assessments In Your Teaching
How To Personalize Learning And Instruction
How Would You Rate this Last Academic Year?
Preparing for the CAST Science Test
Data-Driven Instruction For Personalized Learning
Student-Centered Instruction for Personalized Learning
Inquiry-Driven Instruction for Personalized Learning
Assessments for Personalized Learning
How To Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom
Summative Assessments vs Formative Assessments
How to Incorporate NGSS into the Classroom
What Is Personalized Learning

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Resources For Teachers
What Are LAUSD Salary Points
How To Earn LAUSD Salary Points
Why Earn LAUSD Salary Points As Fast As You Can
What Determines Your Teacher Salary at LAUSD
LAUSD Salary Point Classes
How to Advance Your Salary with LAUSD Salary Points
Types of LAUSD Salary Tables

In addition to supporting teachers, we also have programs for:

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