Frequently Asked Questions


Are classes entirely online and asynchronous?

Yes – there are no required times to meet online or in-person; access to instructor, course work and material is entirely online, available 24×7.


How do I reach your office, an instructor or get help with technical support?

To contact us, please email for technical support or course-specific questions. As most of our staff are available only certain hours each day, and course instruction may be shared among multiple instructors, the first and best person available to respond will do so based on your inquiry.


How long do I have to complete a course?

The general enrollment period for a course is 6-months. If one enrolls (simultaneously or within the same month) in 3 or more courses, we will grant a complimentary extension of one year from the enrollment (purchase) date(s) of the courses.


How do I check my enrollment and course-expiration dates?

Your expiration dates are automatically set up and calculated to be exactly 6 months from the time of purchase. Once your course expires, you will no longer be able to access it. If you are not sure when your course expires, you can email for assistance.​ We encourage you to always plan to complete coursework at least 1 week before your expiration date.


How do I get an extension, if I realize I will not complete a course before the enrollment period expires?

For a course extension, please email and provide the course(s) for which you need an extension. Extensions cost $100, and provide 2 more months in which to complete the course. If more than one course is expiring, you may stagger the extension dates, to have 2 months to concentrate on one course at a time.


Are “modules” the same as “sessions”?

Yes – some instructors call each session a “module” (or vice versa). When we say that we recommend one module per week, we are encouraging that you complete minimally an assignment, with the required reading and multimedia for that section, per week, for the sake of continuity and cohesiveness of content, as well as to not have to extend work past the deadline.


Do you provide price adjustments?

If you purchase a course, and then receive a promo code for a lower price offer, we will honor the lower price and issue a price adjustment/partial refund upon request, if the request for price adjustment is made within a week of the original purchase.


Are there refunds for course purchases?

We honor partial refunds (all but $50 per order number) based on requests made within 3 days of purchase. There are no refunds for requests made beyond 3 days after purchase, or for any courses that have been opened/viewed.