Why Choose Education4Equity for Your Professional Development?

Professional development takes time and money. As a teacher, undoubtedly, you closely guard both of those assets. So, if you’re going to invest in yourself, why not invest in the best?

  • We Offer Professional Development Courses Which are 100% Online
    • By intent, all of our professional development offerings are online courses. The convenience of online classes means that you can study from anywhere, anytime. But you’ll never be alone. You’ll have access to your course instructor, as well as cohorts who are taking the course.
  • Our Professional Development Courses Are Taught By Teachers
    • Education4Equity professional development online courses are designed and taught by teachers, experts in their fields who understand the changing classroom environments and can relate to the day-to-day challenges faced by teachers.
  • Our Professional Development Courses Are Self-Paced
    • Knowing teachers’ hectic schedules and the demands that are placed on them every day, we’ve designed our online professional development courses to be self-paced. You have six months to complete each course. If you sign up for three or more E4E courses, you have a year to complete the courses.