5 Simple Ways to Relieve Toxic Teaching Stress

Here at Education 4 Equity, we know that teachers frequently have a lot of stress to deal with. To help with that, we’ve put together this free resource to provide 5 simple steps every teacher can take to relieve toxic teaching stress. 1. Teach mindfulness.  One way to teach mindfulness

How to Advance Your Salary with LAUSD Salary Points

Earning LAUSD salary points gives you a way to grow in your teaching career. Professional development courses equip teachers with the skills they need to teach effectively and to maximize their earning potential. You work hard to improve as a teacher and deserve to be paid more as you acquire

Benefits of Professional Development for Teachers

How do professional development courses help to advance your salary? Certain professions such as Doctors and lawyers take professional development courses because without staying up to date in their field of work, it is possible for them to fall behind in understanding the latest methodologies, skills, policies and procedures that

National Bullying Prevention Awareness

With “National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month” coming to a close, we feel it’s very important that prevention and awareness of bullying stay very active. Learn how to teach kids how to prevent bullying. What Kids Can Do There are things you can do to keep yourself and the kids

Education is KEY, but it is not ONE key

Education is KEY, but it is not ONE key Is education the key to success? To unlock the potential in each student, is education the key? Does education open doors to opportunity? Does education open prison doors that lock people in cells of hopelessness? Keys can get old, overused, broken,