Dear Educators,

For those of you who have taken a course with us or are planning to take a course with us, we view you as part of the Education4Equity family and for this reason, would like to share resources we use to make critical decisions to care for staff, instructors, teachers and students – and we invite you to take from our trusted URL list below for your benefit.

How to survive this season of the coronavirus:

The impact of the coronavirus on schools

New detail policies from the Governor of California and financial help

Anxiety coping skills for children and adults

Worksheets for adults

The top 10 relaxation coloring books for adults

We also offer 2 and 3 credit courses that give timely help for what we are facing in America. Each of these courses have been known to be like “medicine” to inoculate and heal the hearts of teachers and their students alike.

Try one of these Courses:
Trauma-Informed Instruction
Emotional Intelligence
Closing Gaps in Education and Achievement

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Your fellow educator,
George Kenton, CEO