Extinguishing Teacher Burnout Book

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Few books touch the matter of “BURNOUT” as does this book entitled “Extinguishing Teacher Burnout”. In 2020 through 2022, especially with the rise of the coronavirus, the term started being used extensively in a number of professions across America – especially the teaching profession. In 2020, many teachers got their first experience in teaching students remotely. What was formally a job of having face to face contact with one’s students, became a job with one of the ultimate challenges in a teachers life – and that is educating students at the same pace, same level, with the same subjects, but with the added burden of having to maintain students’ attention while the students sat at home. Not only did attendance drop but based on a RAND Corporation report, four big issues became top of mind in a teachers’ considerations: 1) the need for strategies to engage students 2) the need for ways to introduce lots of hands-on learning 3) the need for social and emotional resources; 4) support from counselors or school psychologists.

Few words could describe the feelings teachers had except the word BURNOUT. It is not a word to be used lightly – and both the CDC and World Health Organization acknowledged, this was a word that touched how one was feeling both physically and mentally – and for many teachers, the feeling was unbearable.

No matter who you are – a teacher, a parent, an information worker, or a lawyer – read this book and enjoy a fresh new method that will help you survive any burnout situation.