Breakthrough the Stereotype: Keep Students Engaged

One of the biggest struggles in the classroom is keeping students engaged. From a young age, media teaches children that school is “boring”. In most cartoons or children’s TV shows, school usually has a negative connotation. Shows like “Saved by the Bell” or movies like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” are classic examples. What if we could change the stereotype and make learning fun? Teachers have the platform and power to incite generational change! In order to maximize learning in the classroom, a teacher must learn how to engage their classroom.

Here are 8 helpful tips to keep students engaged and revolutionize the stereotype of school.

1) Start Class With a Warm-up

Example: Have students keep a daily journal of quotes on the board.

2) Change the Learning Environment

Example: Change the seating arrangement every day.

3)Teach Students the Importance of Teamwork

Example: Have students break up into teams once a week, and have group activities.

4) Have a Student Reflection Time

Example: Post a quote or picture on the board and give students 5 mins to use their own word to describe what the quote or picture means to them.

5) Reward System That Will Hold Students Accountable

Example: Allow students to obtain passes. If they answer a question correctly they get a “free gum pass” or a “free homework pass”.

6) Require ALL students to answer a question

Example: When students are aware they will have to answer a question they will be much more attentive (this goes along well with the Reward System).

7) Allow for No Dead Time

Example: Ask students to define a new word on the board.

8) Mix up teaching styles

Example: Use a PowerPoint one day and a team work exercise the next.

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