Lifting Every Voice through Creative Writing and Publishing


If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.

– Martin Luther

Every student has a voice, and through this course, students’ voices can be better heard through their creative writing and the publishing thereof. This course supports educators to apply creative writing principles to foster student creative thinking, writing skills, and presentation tool usage across disciplines. Participants will learn pedagogical approaches for a variety of creative writing genres – including personal narrative, fiction, poetry, journals and blogging – as well as how to incorporate digital media into creative writing lesson planning and how to use online resources effectively.

All work and interaction is online.


Additional information:

  • Participant has 6 months to complete all coursework from the date of enrollment. If you purchase 3+ courses (which we encourage) we will work with you to sequence these courses and ensure you have ample time to complete them.
  • Completion of one lesson per week is recommended
  • Audience: Pre-K through 12th grade educators
  • Final product involves producing and sharing creative writing piece applying principles presented in course
  • Email us at if you need assistance or have questions.

Comment from a teacher: “I never knew creative writing could be so fun, engaging, therapeutic, and eye-opening. This class taught me to love my own creativity and awakened me to techniques of how to help students find their personal creative voice through writing” (5 Stars).

DISCLAIMER: This class has been approved by the Houston Independent School District.



Help students discover their own voices, foster their creativity, reflect upon their own experiences and the experiences of others, be “heard” through publishing, and make a difference in the world… all through creative writing!