NGSS Practice Tests: $38 per Student (Spiral-bound copies)


Each book for the practice test is $38 per book (per student). Since our practice tests are made for the entire grade at a school, we do not permit purchases for less than 90 students. So, after putting this product in your shopping cart, be sure to increase the product number to at least 90 – to get our price of $3420.   If you have more than 92 students per grade simply enter that number and make your purchse. If you have any questions give us a call at 310-486-3169. Once you purchase, we will give you a call and ask what grade level you would like.  If you purchased the print copy version of the test for your students, we will call you with an approximate time the material will be mailed to you. Please allow 3 weeks for the material to arrive.

For districts that would like to purchase the practice test for all schools in the district, we have group discounts. Simply email us at For those schools and districts interested in the online practice test, the cost is $76 per student. The online practice test enables students to not only get a feel of taking the actual CAST test which is an online test, but also enables teachers to receive automatic grading and summary reports that show how well students understand the NGSS standards that the CAST tests against. This purchase cannot be made online but can only be made over the phone.



The NGSS aligned practice tests prepare your students for the CAST. The price is $38 per student. The minimum purchase must be at least $3500. Feel free to email to ask for any discounts we are currently running.



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