Professional Development For Classroom Management

Classroom management can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a teacher. You come up with a great lesson plan, you enter the classroom with a positive attitude, and within minutes. some student might have disrupted the classroom – throwing you and the other students into turmoil.

If this or other types of classroom chaos cause you to feel anxious, you could benefit from learning smart, proactive, positive, and effective classroom management techniques.

Instead of honing your classroom management style and skills through the “school of hard knocks,” why not invest in professional development for classroom management.

At Education 4 Equity, we’ve developed an online professional development course on classroom management that’s based on restorative justice techniques. Most teachers are familiar with the concept of restorative justice in education a revolutionary approach to disciplining students, but it goes far beyond that.

In this 100% online professional development course on classroom management, you’ll learn:

  • how to structure your classroom with equity and justice in mind from the get-go
  • how to increase student engagement
  • how to address student disengagement
  • how to identify and tackle your most pressing classroom management concerns
  • how to implement preemptive practices
  • how to make good decisions when problematic behavior arises
  • how to repair relationship rifts
  • how to effectively work with students, their families, and members of your school community to support you in your classroom management

By taking this online professional development course, you’ll be able to interact with the instructor and other teachers from across the country, which can be extremely helpful. You’ll learn a variety of tips, ideas, strategies, and techniques for classroom management that can be woven into all facets of your teaching and interactions with students.

This 3-credit classroom management is available as professional development credits or graduate level credits and has been approved for LAUSD salary points, through the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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