Arts Integration for Equity and Excellence: Music (3 Semester Hours)


“Music Integration… for ALL Teachers and Students”

This course covers the neuro-scientific, multi-cultural, behavioral and academic benefits of music in the classroom, and provides practical ways to bring music into teaching practices for improved learning outcomes. All work and interaction is online.


Additional information:

  • Fee for Ashland University credits NOT included in price. Link will be provided after purchase on how to pay for credits.
  • Participants have 6 months to complete all coursework.
  • The recommended pace is to finish one lesson per week for 10 weeks
  • Audience: Pre-K through 12th grade educators, staff & administrators
  • Final product includes a written or presentation proposal
  • Email us at if you need assistance or have questions.

Teacher comment: “My district definitely values music and the arts when it comes to helping students have a holistic education experience. So I said to myself – ok – I will take a class on how to introduce music into my classroom. I envisioned the class talking about how to clap your hands to different beats to help you memorize math formulas. Well, that is all good, but this course opened my eyes to so much more, by teaching me how to use music for classroom management, emotional learning, instrument appreciation and even… silence appreciation. Take this course now and I guarantee a whole new world will open up to you on how to use music in your classroom to advance cognitive learning” (5 Stars).



Make learning come alive through music! Take this online course to earn 3 Ashland University credits equal to 3 semester hours.