Creating a Conducive Learning Environment through Building Healthy Relationships


“Managing Stress & Relationships for Optimal Learning!”

This course covers the interconnection of relationships, stress, and learning in order to create, through definite actions, an conducive learning environment. The development of the brain, with its parts and functions, is taught, particularly as it relates to social functioning and learning. Practical ways to improve the health of relationships in the social environment of the classroom and school are provided, in order to ensure more optimal learning and to prevent bullying & burnout.


Additional information:

  • Participants have 6 months to complete all coursework
  • The recommended pace is to finish one lesson per week for 10 weeks
  • Audience: Pre-K through 12th grade educators, staff & administrators
  • Final product includes online presentation/paper
  • Email us at if you need assistance or have questions.

Teacher comment: “This class has the power to deliver an educator from toxic stress and ensure that a person’s teaching career is not only successful but happy and invigorating! The research outlined in this class on the social brain – is revolutionary! In addition, if teaching in a classroom can be likened to driving a car full of kids, then I feel I’ve been driving my car without a 4th wheel. This class gave me the 4th wheel I needed (which is the understanding of how to build healthy relationships in and outside of the classroom) to make my teaching experience a smooth ride. Why wasn’t this course offered to me before? This course is outstanding and I finally feel I have the missing piece to a successful teaching career! Thank you Education4Equity for creating an online course that revived my teaching passion.” (5 Stars)

DISCLAIMER: This class has been approved by the Houston Independent School District.



Learn the interconnection of relationships, stress, and learning in order to create a conducive learning environment!