How To Earn LAUSD Salary Points

If you’re a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), you can earn salary points that not only boost your salary, but also bump up your retirement benefits.

Salary points – which were negotiated as part of the LAUSD teachers’ contract – are credits that are meant to reward teachers who invest the time and money to improve their teaching skills and learn new techniques and strategies.

Simply put, the more salary points you earn, the more you make, and there are a number of ways to earn these professional development credits.

U Salary Points: College Or University Level Courses
For every college- or university-level course you complete, you can earn U salary points. Semester courses equal one salary point; quarter courses equal 2/3s of a point. It’s important to note that the courses you complete have to relate to courses that are commonly taught in the LAUSD, grades K-12, or they won’t qualify for salary points.

P Salary Points: Classes Taught By LAUSD Employees
If you take a class taught by an LAUSD employee (and approved by the Joint Salary Point Credit Committee), you can earn P salary points. These types of salary point classes are available in two formats: 15 hours of class time with 30 hours of homework and preparation or 30 hours of class time with no homework or preparation.

Note that if you develop and teach one of these P salary point classes, you can earn double salary points.

NA Salary Points: Classes Taught At Non-Accredited Institutions
If you take a class taught at a non-accredited institution, you can earn the same amount of salary points as with P salary point classes. These classes also must be approved by the JSPCC, to qualify for LAUSD salary points.

NA Salary Points: Professional Development
You can earn 1 salary point for every 30 hours you invest in professional development, as long as you’re not being paid for your time.

T Salary Points: Credit For Travel
You can earn points for travel (one salary point for every two weeks of travel), as long as the travel relates to what you’re teaching. To qualify for LAUSD salary points, the travel must be at least 300 miles from your home and NOT be to a place where you’ve lived or visited before. There’s a maximum of 7 LAUSD salary points that you can earn from travel.

Education 4 Equity
At Education 4 Equity, all of our professional development courses for teachers have been approved for salary points by the LAUSD and are 100% online. You can take 1-credit, 2-credit, or 3-credit courses at your convenience, as long as you complete your coursework within 6 months. You can earn professional development credits or graduate-level credits, it’s your choice.

Please note: Many other school districts across the U.S. offer teachers similar pay incentives for professional development courses. Please check with your district to determine whether our online professional development courses for teachers qualify for salary credits in your district.