Professional Development For Teachers

Most teachers spend the majority of their day in the classroom, with their students. Time with colleagues, other teachers, mentors, and administrators is limited, and little professional development occurs in the course of a typical day. As a result, teachers need to seek out their own professional development – for personal enrichment and to get salary boosts.

At Education 4 Equity, we’re committed to providing high-quality professional development courses for teachers. We offer 1-credit, 2-credit, and 3-credit online courses on a variety of subjects, including:

Professional development can be particularly important for new teachers, but even seasoned classroom veterans can find inspiration and learn new skills through courses, workshops, and conferences.

Teachers at all stages of their careers can potentially “learn and earn.” The pay grades for teachers in most school districts are based on the number of years of experience and the level of education, which includes professional development credits.

Our professional development courses for teachers are available 100% online, and you have six months to complete each course. You can choose to earn professional development credits through the courses, or graduate level credits (which are awarded through our partner, Brandman University).

The courses have been approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District to qualify for LAUSD salary points. If you’re in another school district, please check with your district to see if this type of professional development will help boost your pay.