What Determines Your Teacher Salary At LAUSD

The pay scales for teachers who work in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) can seem confusing at first glance. But the better you understand how teachers are compensated, the easier it is to decide how much time and money you want to invest in professional development.

LAUSD Salary Tables
The main types of salary tables for LAUSD teachers include:

  • T Table (for teachers with regular credentials)
  • L Table (for teachers with alternative certifications)
  • G Table (for administrators with a master’s degree or doctoral degree)

LAUSD Salary Boosts
In the LAUSD, your pay can increase for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • career increments (the first salary bump comes after 5 years of service)
  • bilingual differential (new LAUSD teachers can be eligible for up to $3,060)
  • National Board Certification (NBC teachers can earn an additional 15% salary compensation)
  • Master’s degree (an additional $584 per year, as long as the degree was awarded by a regionally accredited university)
  • Doctorate degree (an additional $1,168 per year, as long as the degree was awarded by a regionally accredited university)
  • salary points (these can be earned from college classes or professional development)

LAUSD Salary Points
Teachers who earn 14 salary points move up on the LAUSD salary table, and to earn the maximum salary (and retirement benefits), teachers need to complete 98 salary points by their tenth year with the LAUSD.

LAUSD Salary Point Classes
Each semester class at a college or university counts as 1 salary point. With professional development courses for teachers, 15 hours of class time with 30 hours of homework or 30 hours of class time qualify for 1 salary point.

Education 4 Equity Salary Point Classes
At Education 4 Equity, we offer an array of online professional development courses for teachers that are approved by the LAUSD. We have 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point courses, all of which are 100% online. You have six months to complete each online course, which allows you to can earn salary points at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Our online courses cover subject matters (such as science and math), as well as classroom management and teaching skills.

The more you learn, the more you earn, which is one of the great benefits to being a teacher!

Note: The salary figures and compensation amounts listed above are for the 2018-2019 LAUSD school year.