What Is Professional Development For Teachers

Professional development for teachers can run the gamut from a quick conversation between two teachers in the hall to a 2-year master’s degree program.

Whether it’s brief or lengthy, formal or informal, voluntary or required, professional development can potentially boost your salary (and retirement benefits) and help you become a better teacher.

Below are some of the different types of professional development for teachers.

School-Sponsored Or District-Sponsored Professional Development For Teachers
Professional development within the walls of schools typically takes place through one-on-one interactions, small group settings, or large group trainings. Some schools and districts place an emphasis on this and offer programs on a regular basis, with speakers and trainers brought in from outside the school. Typically, this type of professional development is mandatory and takes place during the school day.

Workshops And Conferences For Teachers
Workshops and conferences, specifically designed for educators, are another example of professional development. These can be sponsored by a school or district (with attendance mandatory) or offered by a for-profit or non-profit organization. Workshops and conferences can offer a quick way to learn a specific teaching strategy, classroom management technique, or new skill, and they also provide great networking opportunities. In general, however, this type of continuing education won’t count toward salary advancement points or credits.

Professional Development Courses For Teachers
Professional development courses for teachers, which are often offered online, are more in-depth instruction, typically 1-credit, 2-credit, or 3-credit formats. This type of professional development often will count toward salary points or credits. This means that when you complete enough of these courses, you can get a pay raise and potentially qualify for higher retirement benefits.

Advanced Degrees And Certificates For Teachers
Of all professions, teachers have the most options when it comes to higher education options, with a myriad of specialized graduate certificates, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs available from graduate schools of education across the country. Many of these advanced certificates and degrees are available 100% online, or with limited “residency” requirements (in a master’s program, for example, you might have to visit the university’s campus for a few weeks).

Education 4 Equity
At Education 4 Equity, we’re committed to providing the best professional development courses for teachers, delivered 100% online. You can take 1-credit, 2-credit, or 3-credit online courses at your convenience, studying from home. Through our partnership with Brandman University, all of our online professional development courses qualify for graduate level credits. The courses are also approved for LAUSD salary points, through the Los Angeles Unified School District.